I call myself a writer because I do each day what writers do.

Each day I wake up 3 to 4 hours before everyone else and write. More or less 2000 words.

To me it means that I am a writer.

You can find my writing on Medium and Quora. I also self-publish books on Amazon.



I think I’m a thinker because I think and write a lot about life.

In my writing I very often ponder the meaning of life, and why we do what we do,

and what else could we do, and why we don’t do something else (what are the obstacles). That’s, in my personal view, what a thinker does.

Maybe someone else has a different definition of a thinker. I have this one.

And I believe it is the right definition - one of the right definitions.

Nowoczesny budynek z przodu

 Someone who is 

 not a thinker 

 could never have 

 made this. 

 I could have 

 made this. 


I think a person’s life can also be a work of art. I think we can choose to turn our lives into works of art.

And I think I did that. Plus writing can be a form of art, and I think mine is.

But I also do more conventional artistic projects.

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